Founded by Shivansh Bansal in 2018, based in Delhi-NCR.

We are not just photographers and filmmakers; we are storytellers. Our passion forfilmmaking, love for weddings, andjoy in creating stories by freezing moments have led to the establishment of this venture.

Our mission is simple: to capture the beauty, culture, and essence of weddings and ceremonies. We’re not here just to take photographs; we’re here to craft narratives.

What sets us apart? Our insatiable desire to make marriages the most wonderful event ensures supremacy in our work.

We don’t just capture moments; we preserve emotions and weave stories that will be cherished for generations to come.

Welcome to Fine Touch Productions, where love meets the lens,
and where your moments are transformed into timeless stories.

Meet the visionary behind Fine Touch Productions, Shivansh Bansal.

After completing his mechanical engineering degree, Shivansh embarked on a remarkable journey driven by his unwavering passion for photography. He started his career as a professional photographer, capturing moments that spoke to his heart and ignited his creativity.

Over the years, his talent and dedication have led him to work with notable names such as CarryMinati and many others in the industry. Shivansh’s love for photography eventually drew him into the world of weddings, where he found his true calling.

Today, with over 6 years of experience in this line, Shivansh’s commitment to his work and his passion for storytelling continue to shine through every photograph and film produced by Fine Touch Productions.

His journey from engineering to photography exemplifies the power of following one’s heart and transforming a passion into an art form.

Meet Our Team
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Ishneet Kaur

All my love to team Shivansh . You Guys are best of best. Thanks for bearing me Fine Touch guys.


They just don't take pictures, they make you feel special too. D They make you feel the vibe of that situation. The best photography team one could ever get @finetouch_productions


Easily the best experience with a Finetouch Production to date! Finetouch Production Team is very talented at their craft. They made sure everyone was comfortable and in enjoying the experience. Specially thanks to Shivansh Bansal who made my journey very beautiful with his perfect photography skills.He captured each and every sweet moment of my most important days of life. He adds sugar in my happiness for wedding and also increases the excitement. As a whole, everyone done very good job y Thanks again Finetouch Production Team!